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While worship is the starting point for ALL ministry, individually and as a church, our Sunday School ministry - which goes back over 100 years, is one of (along with our on- and off-site bible studies and small groups) the most essential ways we believe that Christians grow in their faith, community, and support for life beyond the walls of the building; it is in these smaller settings with a regular group of fellow disciples in Christ that we can flesh out our call to follow Christ through the highs and lows of life.

Sunday school meets in various rooms in Fellowhip Hall at 9:00 am to 9:45 am. There will be someone to assist you in finding the class you are looking for. We also have nursery availible for our children ages 0-3. 


Children & Youth Sunday School

Currently, we have Sunday School for all ages of children and youth, from 4 years old through High School. In these classes, our aim is to facilitate age-appropriate growth opportunities so that in some of the most formational years of life, we are doing our best to equip the next generation with a faith deeply-rooted in Christ’s unrelenting love for all.



Adult Sunday School

For adults of all ages, we currently offer three Sunday School opportunities, each with it’s own distinctive flair:

Triple-L (Love, Loyalty, and Life)

Triple-L (Love, Loyalty, and Life) has been around for well over 50 years, and can best be summarized by an anecdote from planning for our 2016 Vacation Bible School: When we needed to use the space in which they are currently meeting as a staging area for our planning, the Triple-L leadership’s response was, “Well, we’ve met in at least six different places over the years, and God shows up to do divine work no matter where we are, so we’re glad to help out in any way to facilitate God’s work.” For what more could you ask?



Aldersgate is best described by a quote from Jaroslav Pelikan: “Tradition is the living faith of the dead; traditionalism is the dead faith of the living.” The men and women of Aldersgate grasp the idea of tradition in ways unmatched by many classes across the universal church - walking into their space will find you keeping company with the saints of the church who have gone on to glory, while also immersing you in a very loving community of faithful stewards of the attitude of Christian love, service, and community.

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