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Our Music Ministry is the heart of our Worship. The United Methodist church has a long history of expressing the Holy Spirit though worship music. We are proud to be able to continue that history in First United Methodist Church of DeRidder.

Our Music Ministry encourages many accomplished musicians in our worship all the way from the organ to the steel guitar and we have plenty of room to add your talent, as well. We have a Music Ministry for everyone and we strongly encourage everyone to join their God given talents to our worship. If you have it on your heart to join our Music Ministry, please do. Our Music Ministry welcomes everyone and we have a lot of fun too.


Praise Band

Rehearsal: Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM in the Main Sanctuary or in the Fellowship Hall,

depending on where worship will take place that week.


Anything goes in Praise Band as long as the Holy Spirit is expressed. Often you will hear harmonizing voices with guitars, piano and even drums or a banjo from time to time. Whatever your musical talents, you may find a place for them in the Praise Band.


Chancel Choir

Rehearsal: Wednesdays 6:00-7:30 PM in the Choir Rehearsal Room


Although the Chancel Choir often sticks to traditional hymns sung with the Organ, they are also known to sing a energizing gospel hymn or two as well. Whether it is a spiritual sung acapela or singing to a Bach arrangement, you will hear the enjoyment our Choir has in leading worship. The Chancel Choir is made up of members who have been Methodist all their lives and know every hymn and those who come from many different faiths who are learning a hymn every week.

Our Chancel Choir invites all voices to join them from 6th grade to Senior Citizen, no matter if you have joined us in worship for decades or have not had the chance to do so yet.


Children’s Choir

Rehearsal: Wednesday evenings at 4:45 PM in the Choir Room before Wednesday Children's Church in the Fellowship Hall

All Children from Kindergarten - 6th Grade.


Our Children’s Choir usual leads in a worship song once a month. They also have the opportunity to perform a Christmas Pageant. Children’s Choir gives them the opportunity to learn how to contribute to worship and encourages them to join the Chancel Choir as early as 6th grade. This is a beautiful way for our children to experience the Holy Spirit expressed though them in their God given talents. They truly enjoy contributing to worship and they gain confidence by seeing how much our congregation enjoys their music. They are a highlight to worship and there is so much love felt during worship when they share their music with us.



We often have soloist musicians from every instrument, voice and style join us in worship. Weather it is preforming a piece that was composed by a local composer, preforming a well known piece in their own style, accompanying the Chancel Choir and Praise Band or leading a worship song with the Chancel Choir, Praise Band as their back up with the organ and pianist accompanying. The possibilities are endless, and if you are a musician that wants to share your God given talents in worship, we hope you will reach out to us.


Psalm 105:2

 “Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.”

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