There's Plenty for Everyone
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Sun, Mar 31, 2019
IT WAS NOT A COORDINATED EFFORT, but is there any more appropriate sermon title for a Fifth Sunday Worship and Potluck than, "THERE'S PLENTY FOR EVERYONE?" This week we encounter one of the more well-known parables of Jesus, the one commonly referred to as the "Prodigal Son." Oftentimes painted as a 'feel-good' uplifting story of God's love for those who have abandoned him, the converse to that narrative is Jesus is being pretty harsh in this story to a few who 'know better' than he when it comes to God's love. In this season of Lent, as we find good news in the midst of the starkness of the Lenten journey, we discover some good news that has the ability to inspire us all to continue striving for holiness and faithfulness to Christ. Amongst this narrative, we will come to see: Jesus loves 'them people' and...; We are not coerced into a life of faith; God welcome is more consistent and constant than we might think; and, The blessings of being a follower of Christ are...
Series:The Good News in Sacrifice [Lent 2019]   Passages: Luke 15:1-3 & Luke 15:11-32    Teacher: Rev. Lamar C. Oliver

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