Children's Ministry: "House Egging" Sign-Up & News

Who would like to have their house “EGGED?”

No, it does not mean we are going to chuck raw eggs at your windows. 

This kind of ‘EGGING’ is when we take a bunch of treat-filled plastic eggs, head to your house, jump out of the car, hide the eggs all over your lawn in the evening, and then hop back in the car and drive away.

When the ‘EGGED’ houses’ family comes outside they get to be surprised and blessed by the spontaneous egg hunt!

Would you like your house “EGGED?” 

The “EGGING” will take place on the evening of Saturday March 27th. We will be there after dark, put the dogs inside please. 

Please let us know if you would like to be “EGGED” by emailing Ashley at . Please make sure you sign up by March 14th. We need to ensure we have enough eggs for all houses. Please include in the email family name, address, and phone number. 



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