Ash Wednesday
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Wed, Feb 14, 2018
"If we don't deal with the reality of sin and it's effects in our lives then Easter Sunday is nothing but a sentimental Hallmark Channel production and I want nothing to do with it." As we begin our 2018 Lenten Journey, we are challenged to own the fact that Ash Wednesday pushes us to confront the reality of the sin in our lives and that humanity cannot deal with the effects on it's own - only by the power of God in Christ can we have any hope of moving beyond sin's deathly grip on so many facets of our lives and into the glorious freedom found in and through the resurrected Christ.
Series:Let Me Tell You a Story... [Lent/Easter 2018]   Passages: Matthew 6:1-6 & Matthew 6:16-21    Teacher: Rev. Lamar C. Oliver

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